About Us

Welcome To Our Funny Farm AKA Fogarty’s Market Garden!

Fogarty’s is a family run urban vegetable farm and garden centre located in Kingswood, Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia. Fogarty’s is run by Pat Fogarty (owner operator), beautiful wife Fressia and two children Lucas and Layla. Our garden centre opens early May and runs until mid June. We carry a massive selection of high quality/fair priced vegetable seedlings, fruit trees and berry producing plants.  We then flip our garden centre into an abundant food market from July until mid November.
Check out our page on “Shirley”. To learn about our solar powered retail store on wheels!

A Bit About Our Farm

We purchased our rocky 5.5 acre property (certainly not farmland!) in 2012 and over the following 9 years Pat has shaped the land into what it is now, a productive ecologically focused farm, with a permaculture orchard of 85 fruit trees, countless berry-producing plants, 2
vegetable plots with over 10,000 square feet of growing beds and 3000 square feet of greenhouse space.

how we grow

We grow our vegetables with ZERO synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Focusing on soil biology and soil building by utilizing compost, cover crops and natural fish/kelp based inputs for fertility. We employ silage tarps, landscape fabric, minimal tillage and flame weeding to control weed pressure and soil erosion. For “pest control” we use insect netting and biological methods such as nematodes and effective microbes.

A Little About Pat

Before being hurled into the crazy world of farming, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia native Pat spent the previous two decades cooking in kitchens of some of Canada’s top restaurants and hotels from coast to coast. Pat and Fressia met while working in one of Vancouver’s premier hotels, the textbook restaurant romance! Fressia was a bartender and Pat cooking behind the scenes. Between these two love birds, they decided to pool their resources together, purchase a property in Halifax, Nova Scotia and start a farm.

Our Bus Shirley

In January 2021, Fogarty’s purchased a 2015 Ford E450 MicroBird bus, over the course of 3 short months Pat went to work to transform said bus into a solar charged retail store on wheels!

The first order of business was to give Shirley a new look! We sent her to the lovely folks at Acme Sign, located in Dartmouth, NS. The staff worked with us to design our branding and a partial wrap with photos from our farm, as you can see, they did a fantastic job!

Loving Dedication

Our Bus is dedicated in the memory of Pat’s grandmother Shirley Rafuse who passed away in
April 2020.

January 15, 1930 – April 22, 2020